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Gucci Timepieces, one of the most reliable and consistent fashion watch brands, with a clear design approach and positioning, has been designing, developing and manufacturing iconic Gucci watches since the early 1970s.

Rigorously made in Switzerland, Gucci watches are recognized for their innovative and contemporary design, quality and craftsmanship and are distributed worldwide through the exclusive network of directly operated Gucci boutiques and selected watch distributors.
For more information about Gucci Timepieces, please visit
Gucci is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in apparel and accessories, which develops an ensemble of powerful Luxury and Sport and Lifestyle brands.

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GUCCI Frame YA147401GUCCI Frame YA147401
GUCCI Frame YA147401 Sale price$1,765.00 CAD
GUCCI 25H watch, 38mm 673123ICUA09812
GUCCI 25H watch, 34mm 673113ICUA09812
GUCCI 25H watch, 38mm 673804I16001108
GUCCI 25H watch, 34mm 673111I16001108
GUCCI Dive watch, 45mm 559810I16001402
GUCCI Dive watch, 45mm 559817I86108757
GUCCI G-Timeless watch, 36mm 632116I16001402
GUCCI G-Timeless watch, 29mm 632115I16001402
GUCCI G-Timeless watch, 29mm 632794I86A01000
GUCCI Grip watch, 38mm 596512I16008504
GUCCI Grip watch, 27 mm 652722I16008504
GUCCI Grip watch, 38mm 596509I86008740
GUCCI Grip watch, 27 mm 652728I86008740
GUCCI G-Chrono watch, 44mm 367375I18A08769
GUCCI G-Chrono watch, 44mm 393106I16001402
GUCCI 25H 753210 I18G0 8183GUCCI 25H 753210 I18G0 8183
GUCCI 25H 753210 I18G0 8183 Sale price$1,825.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless watch with beesGUCCI G-Timeless watch with bees
GUCCI G-Timeless watch with bees Sale priceFrom $8,380.00 CAD
GUCCI Dive YA136353GUCCI Dive YA136353
GUCCI Dive YA136353 Sale price$2,825.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1265021
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1265021 Sale price$1,765.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1265019001
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1264155GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1264155
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1264155 Sale price$1,765.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA1264034A001
GUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA1264034A
GUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA1264033A001
GUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA1264033AGUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA1264033A
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264076
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264075001
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264075GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264075
GUCCI Frame YA147410
GUCCI Frame YA147410 Sale price$1,765.00 CAD
GUCCI Frame YA147401001
GUCCI Frame YA147401001 Sale price$1,765.00 CAD
GUCCI 2570 YA142504
GUCCI 2570 YA142504 Sale price$1,640.00 CAD
GUCCI 2570 YA142503001
GUCCI 2570 YA142503001 Sale price$1,640.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1265019GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1265019
GUCCI G-Timeless Slim YA1265019 Sale price$1,765.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA126581AGUCCI G-Timeless Signature YA126581A
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA126596GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA126596
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA126596 Sale price$1,640.00 CAD
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA126572AGUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA126572A
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264136GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264136
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264131GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264131
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264074GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264074
GUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264029AGUCCI G-Timeless Iconic YA1264029A
GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA126487BGUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA126487B
GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264123GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264123
GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264079GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264079
GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264038AGUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264038A
GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264007AGUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA1264007A
GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA126284GUCCI G-Timeless Contemporary YA126284
GUCCI G-Timeless Automatic YA126347GUCCI G-Timeless Automatic YA126347